Leap Year with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode

Out of the blue, I was amazingly blessed to watch Leap Year with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode!

This movie, I believe, is for the girl in waiting or perhaps a sister who just can't get a man to pop the BIG Question, for a very LONG time.

Leap Year, is mixed with a lot fun Irish superstition, beautiful green grass, beaches and love.

There's also a mixture of Irish vs. American humor, giving the viewer a new meaning on what life is really all about- take some time to breathe in the fresh air.

Sometimes, love can be a tricky adventure, especially when it sneaks upon those who don't expect a person to be the one or the one we never would have thought could be the one.

I give this fun love adventure four hearts!


27 Dresses for the Girl in Waiting

27 Dresses surely cancels the popular superstition, 'three times a bridesmaid, never a bride!'

Today, I decided to watch 27 Dresses, starring Katherine Heigl and James Marsden, and after the film was over I discovered how hard single ladies struggle with waiting for that special someone.

Jane is this sweet lady who loves helping others but made it a habit with always putting herself last. Some of us know sisters who love helping girls wed and they are single and satisfied, or so we think.

Jane (Katherine Heigl) falls for a writer who uses her life in a column and at the last minute love finds him in the most awkward situation with Jane.

27 Dresses has some funny moments but again I wanted more passion and emotional moments, viewers will never forget. It was OK, but it could have been better.

Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades of Grey Cast Shocker

Will Jamie Dornan's Fifty Shades of Grey performance be a hit or miss on the silver screen this year? This is a question millions are asking after seeing the recent news on new cast results.

Yesterday, I visited a well known Hollywood Blog and was shocked to see Jamie Dornan cast for Christian Grey, the leading male character in E.L. James bestselling novel.

Most of us know Jamie as The Huntsman in Once Upon a Time and he was well missed after Regina the Queen crushed his heart in her hands. 

For any actor, booking something so anticipated, like Fifty Shades of Grey will open many doors in the near future. 

His resume is a bit OK but I'm wondering how this young Irish actor will be perceived as the young billionaire. 

We will find out on Valentine's Day 2015.